What is the Gospel? The word means, "good news." But for so many, the Gospel is a set of rules and regulations rather than a meaningful relationship with our Creator, whose desire is to enter into a personal relationship with us.

Is God some ethereal being hiding behind the clouds? Or is he a person, God yes, but one who wants to be intimately involved in the life of each of his children?

As I have walked with him more than 30 years now, he has taught me that he deeply desires to enter into our world and provide for us "abundant life."

I've taken the time to write out some of the things he has taught me both personally and through his Word. Come along and stay awhile. Let the truths you'll find here bring you hope and encouragement. Come to know your Creator as more, FAR more, than a "theology." Come to know what he has desired for you personally. It's a grand adventure, and the path is difficult at times, but you can come to know him as you climb to the mountain tops, and rest with him in the valleys. Discover the love he has for you individually and personally. You'll be so glad you did.